From EUR 149,-
Simplify your animal husbandry

Define the optimum times for the automatic opening and closing of your stables to protect them from weather and unwanted intruders such as foxes, badgers, etc.

The device uses automatically determined sunrise and sunset times on site and thus avoids tedious readjustment during the course of the year.

The flexible mechanism supports a variety of different door types and installation situations. In most cases, there is no need for major and costly adjustments to existing systems.

Furthermore, no electrical installation is required on site. The device is completely self-sufficient, powered by the sun.

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No battery changing
or wiring


Effortless pulling
doors with 5kg


Supports retrofitting most existing door variants


Open & close depending on sunrise & sunset times



In many cases coops don’t provide permanent electricity supplies. Chicken Cooper operates autarkic. It stores sufficient energy internally, harvested through an integrated solar cell. Thereby Chicken Cooper continuously and reliably operates also at night, during inclement weather periods lasting for several weeks and power blackouts. If ever necessary, manual recharging can be accomplished easily with external power banks.


Heavy doors, storms and strong locks necessitate high strength from the pulling mechanism. Chicken Cooper pulls doors with 5kg without exhausting effort and even withstands temporary tensile strain of 10kg. Despite of its remarkable strength, the pulling mechanism can also be throttled to reduced limits for maximum safety in appropriate situations.


Coops are shut with a wide variety of door variants. Chicken Cooper supports most of them, because its internal spool provides two sections for rope mounting. Most guillotine, top/side-hinged hatches and sliding doors can directly be equipped with Chicken Cooper and used without extensive reconstruction. In most cases even two doors can be actuated by one Chicken Cooper.


Optimal open & close times for coops strongly depend on the geographical location and significantly vary throughout the seasons. To avoid ongoing adjustments and unreliable deduction from lighting conditions, Chicken Cooper operates based on precisely determined times for sunrise & sunset at your site. With a single configuration of preliminary and follow-up times, Chicken Cooper optimally actuates coop doors year-round without further interaction. For example Chicken Cooper opens your coops one hour after sunrise and closes them 30 minutes after sunset all-season on almost any geographical location. Of course it is also possible to set fixed times for opening & closing whenever necessary.


The large & bright LED display provides information about the state of the Chicken Cooper and is also perfectly readable in direct sunlight. Symbols are depicted in sufficient size and brightness to be apparent also from far distances and situations with poor visibility. The extensive and robust metal dome buttons can be easily operated also with gloves.


Storms and predators are serious adversaries for your animals and the locking mechanisms that protect them. Chicken Cooper Magnetic Locks are especially designed and constructed to effectively counteract such threats. Although the Magnetic Lock applies high magnetic forces to keep coop doors closed reliably, Chicken Cooper can automatically unlock them during opening procedures when properly installed. These Magnetic Locks can additionally be purchased as accessories for Chicken Coopers and in many cases directly applied to existing coop doors.







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Chicken Cooper

The Chicken Cooper is the central component of the product and provides the following features:

  • Automatic door opener & closer for small animal coops
  • Adjustable double spool for different door variants up to 5kg tensile strength
  • Flexible rope guiding with suitable pulleys for nearly all installations
  • Isolated operation (autarkic) without external power supply via integrated solar cell
  • Internal energy storage lasting for several weeks to bridge the winter season and bad weather periods
  • Automatic ascertainment of local date & time including exact summer & winter times
  • Automatic ascertainment of sunrise & sunset for auto-adaptive open & close time deduction
  • Controlling & configuration of all relevant functionalities via buttons & LED display
  • Manual charging via Micro-USB if ever necessary
  • Available in green & brown
  • Combined with Chicken Cooper Magnetic Locks for optimized locking safety.


Standard purchased parts package includes one Chicken Cooper, one vertical pulley, durable rope and suitable mounting accessories.


User Manual (PDF)

Light Module

The optimal solution for attracting & observing

Suitable for installation both inside and outside the barn (splash-proof).

  • Directly connected to the core device
  • No additional power supply necessary
  • Automatically controlled by the core device
  • Flicker-free brightness configurable via core device
  • Arbitrary positioning with flexible cable
  • Fast mounting with 2 screws
  • Reverse polarity protected plug

Magnetic Lock

For maximum safety

  • Self-locking magnetic lock for safe protection of small animal coops
  • Magnetic force of approximately 6kg provides reliable protection against storms and predators
  • Suitable for retrofitting to many preexisting hatches with only 3 screws
  • For top- and side-hinged hatches
  • Available in green & brown

Pulley horizontal

  • Versatile & space saving pulley with integrated bearing
  • Necessary when deflecting along the wall (change of direction)
  • Easy installation with only 1 screw
  • Reliably protects against the rope jumping out when strain is reliefed
  • Available in green & brown

EUR 9,- (2 pieces)

Quantity discount on request

Rope EUR 1,50 per meter

Pulley vertical

  • Versatile & space saving pulley with integrated bearing
  • Necessary when deflecting away from the wall
  • Suitable for bridging obstacles on the wall and coop corners
  • Easy installation with only 2 screws
  • Reliably protects against the rope jumping out when strain is reliefed
  • Available in green & brown
  • 1 piece included with every Chicken Cooper basic set

EUR 10,- (2 pieces)

Quantity discount on request

Rope EUR 1,50 per meter

Chicken Saddle

The perfect accessory for protecting your animals.

Perfect Fit – Integrated Stirrup – Timeless Design

  • Genuine leather natural product in premium quality, handmade in Austria
  • Rich thick material for maximum durability, no comparison to textiles
  • Ideal fit with elastic band, prevents unwanted slipping and tangling
  • Without direct seam between leather and rubber, for easier repair in case of need
  • Integrated stirrup for optimal fertilization, with the best possible protection of the hen
  • Protects against attacks by birds of prey, which often pull off the saddle with their claws, allowing the chicken to escape
  • Integrated eye-shaped reflector to deter birds of prey
  • Reflective material allows easy nighttime location of brooding hens with any flashlight
  • Ideal for Orpington, Araucana, Marans, Sundheimer, Sussex and many more

Spare Parts

We are committed to sustainability far beyond the usual level, which is why we place particular emphasis on the durability of our products. This is reflected on the one hand in the durable design and component selection, and on the other hand in the fact that our devices are easy to repair. Among others, the following spare parts can be purchased in case they should ever become defective due to adverse circumstances, despite robust construction and carefully controlled production.

ATTENTION! Modifications & repairs to electronic devices and components may only be carried out by qualified personnel. Liability on the part of the manufacturer for damage to property and personal injury resulting from improper repairs by unauthorized persons is excluded.

  • Battery (Accumulator)
  • Motor
  • Rope
  • Double Spool
  • Switch
  • Fuseholder
  • Cover

Contact us at best by Email about the parts you need and, if appropriate, attach a picture of your problem.